Take the next big step on the road to success

Build a headquarters, buy equipment, or acquire capital for your planned expansion project. At Virginia Partners Bank®, we know that businesses need affordable financing to grow bigger and stronger. Our commercial bankers have extensive knowledge of many industries and a wealth of insight into the communities we serve!
  • Term loans available for any business need
  • Working capital lines of credit to cover expansion costs, inventory, payables accounts, and more
  • Lending solutions tailored for your business needs
  • Financing for business acquisition, start-ups, equipment, vehicles, and real estate
  • Competitive rates and flexible terms

Commercial Real Estate

 New locations for retailers. Office space for professionals. Construction sites for contractors. Whenever your business is looking to acquire land or buildings, Virginia Partners Bank® can provide financing to push your project toward the finish line.
  • Loans for property owners, developers, or investors
  • Competitive rates and flexible terms, including long-term fixed-rate term loans up to 20 years
  • Funds for expansion or renovations
  • Refinancing options available 

Letters of Credit

Procuring goods or services on credit can sometimes be a bit challenging. Virginia Partners Bank® can issue a Commercial Letter of Credit that guarantees your payment and keeps your business operations on track.
  • Documentary letters of credit
  • Standby letters of credit
  • Irrevocable letters of credit

Equipment Loans

 Acquiring the best equipment available can give any business a competitive edge. We offer financing for everything from factory machinery to vehicle fleets to computer hardware.
  • Fixed-rate and variable-rate loans
  • Financing up to 100% on new equipment
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Streamlined approval process

Construction Loans

Getting ready to expand your current facility or build a new one? You can keep your project costs under control with Virginia Partners Bank® financing that covers both labor and materials.
  • Loans tailored to fit your specific project needs
  • Funds for land development as well as building construction
  • Competitive rates and flexible terms
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U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

Smaller businesses can benefit from government-backed loans that come with attractive rates and generous repayment terms. As an SBA Express Lender, our team can find creative ways for businesses across many industries to secure credit.
  • Boost working capital
  • Purchase or improve real estate
  • Finance new equipment, heavy machinery, or other fixed assets
  • Acquire a new business or franchise
  • Finance permanent working capital
  • Streamlined application and closing process