Simplify your finances.

Imagine the possibilities

Set a Goal & Get Started!

Virginia Partners Bank/Maryland Partners Bank offers a solution to simplify your finances with Budgeting Partner! This new feature is available to all customers free of charge.

With Budgeting Partner, managing your finances is easier than ever.
  • Get your complete financial picture
  • Sync accounts from 20,000 financial institutions
  • Tag transactions to understand spending habits
  • Make informed choices with the cash flow calendar
  • Set goals and visually track your progress
Make a commitment to your financial fitness by automating your savings or pay-off goals. Set up long-range goals like saving for a down payment or short-term goals like paying off a high-rate credit card. When you determine a goal in Budgeting Partner, you're creating a plan that can lead for financial success. Just imagine the possibilities!

Adding Goals

Spend just a little time adding all your goals in Budgeting Partner and you'll be able to gain control of your financial plan. Simplifying your financial "big picture" allows you to get a better view for where you're headed and make smart financial decisions. Monitor spending and other transactions to reach your financial goals.

Cash Flow Calendar

The cash flow calendar brings your budget to life through an interactive calendar. With the calendar you can see how much money you have available to pay bills and other expenses day by day... allowing you to make informed choices on when to schedule bills and other spending.

Adding Accounts

Syncing other accounts in Budgeting Partner for a complete financial picture is simple. Then you can track your account relationships with almost all financial institutions automatically, including credit card providers and investment firms. Once all of your accounts are synced, track spending, set budgets, calculate your net worth and more.