There must be perspectives

There must be perspectives

The Federation of German Catholic Youth supports the catch-up package for children and young people demanded by the SPD parliamentary group. The SPD had announced a two-billion package in the pandemic for the budget negotiations.

"We welcome the fact that in it both the school and the extracurricular education is taken into account," explained the BDKJ Federal President Lisi Maier on Thursday in Dusseldorf.

Maier argued that half of the investment funds should go to the extracurricular area of children's and youth education.

Perspectives are needed

For their holistic personality development, children and young people need spaces where they can meet their peers and develop their potential.

The BDKJ federal chairwoman referred to studies and daily experiences that clearly showed how much children and adolescents would be affected by the Corona pandemic. "For months, there have been no group sessions to experience community, share ideas and plan activities."Therefore, planning perspectives for the summer are needed very soon, so that camps and educational programs can be offered again.

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