Man in custody

Man in custody

A suspect is in custody following the violent altercation at a parsonage in the Erz Mountains region of Germany. At a Christmas party for the lonely and needy, a community member had been seriously injured by a stab wound.

An arrest warrant has been ied for the 53-year-old man suspected of the crime, a spokeswoman for the Chemnitz police department told the Evangelical Press Service on Friday. In addition, possible further suspects are being investigated.

According to police, a 53-year-old Syrian had been "called to order" several times during the Christmas party and had finally left the event. A little later, he said, a group of men "apparently described as people from the Arab region" appeared and a dispute arose again. In the confrontation, two guests were lightly injured in addition to the one who was seriously injured.

"Glad things are better with co-workers"

The condition of the injured volunteer was stable after emergency surgery. According to the church community, the 51-year-old had wanted to settle the dispute.

A spokesman for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony was initially "pleased that the employee is doing better, given the circumstances". The superintendent of the church district, Dieter Bankmann, had visited him in the hospital on Wednesday.

Nothing is known of other incidents at the numerous events on Christmas Eve in the regional church: "We refer to the commandment of peace especially on these days and call for prudence. Our intercession goes to the relatives and friends of the victims," said regional church spokesman Matthias Oelke.

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