“Lack of sensitivity”

Clear words from the Central Council of Jews in Germany: The latter criticizes Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier for his congratulations to Iran on its 40th anniversary. On the 11th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. February.

Following criticism from the Central Council of Jews, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke on the phone with Central Council President Josef Schuster on Monday and defended his congratulatory telegram to Iran. At the same time, he was critical of the human rights situation in the Islamic country.

Schuster had said at "Bild.de" Steinmeier's congratulations to Iran on its 40th anniversary. Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on 11. February criticized: "If already a necessity was seen to congratulate on this anniversary, the Federal President should have found at least clear words of criticism of the regime." It was "incomprehensible that on the subject of Iran in the presidential office apparently lacked the necessary sensitivity".

He expects the Federal President "to seize the next opportunity to make clear to Iran the critical attitude of the Germans in whose name he speaks," Schuster continued.

Federal President defends his actions

According to a statement from the Office of the Federal President, which is available to the Catholic News Agency (KNA), Steinmeier emphasized in the telephone conversation that one must "maintain the thread of conversation to Tehran".

A letter on the occasion of the national holiday was "part of diplomatic practice, which makes deeper and critical contacts possible in the first place".

At the same time, however, the German president also stressed that "human rights are being trampled on in Iran, and Iran also plays a destabilizing role in the region. This makes the danger that would emanate from a nuclear-armed Iran all the greater." Through hard and persistent negotiations and under the additional prere of sanctions, it was possible in 2015 to contain this danger and to conclude the nuclear agreement.

"Even then, not everyone thought that was right. I respect that," Steinmeier continued. But Germany and its European partners have always been guided by the overriding goal of preventing a nuclear arms race and an uncontrollable escalation of violence in the Middle East – "especially in the interest of Israel's security. Consistent support for Israel's right to exist has guided my political actions for decades." He considers the efforts of the German government and its European partners to stick to the nuclear agreement with Iran to be correct.

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