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The representatives of the "Forum of German Catholics" and the communities associated with it, gathered in Fulda, welcome the ruling of the European Court of Justice on 18. March 2011. The judgment recognizes that "the culture of human rights should not be brought into opposition with the religious foundations of European culture," to which Christianity has made a significant contribution. The judgment of the European Court of Justice gives us a breathing space. For we must ask ourselves whether the self-secularization of the church is not an essential cause of the secularization of this world.

The dialogue process decided by the German bishops is a chance for the inner renewal of the Church in Germany only if it leads to a rethinking and a return to the unadulterated and whole message of Jesus Christ and to the teachings of the Church.

The Catholic Church in Germany can regain its footing if the focus of the dialogue process is on the pressing ies that have long been close to the hearts of Catholics who believe and are committed to the Church, namely

– the dignified celebration of the Eucharist according to the order of the Church and Eucharistic adoration

– the training of candidates for the priesthood, teachers of religion, pastoral assistants and parish workers in accordance with the teachings of the Church

– the reorganization of religious education in schools

– the revival of the Sacrament of Penance

but not those questions which have been discussed, clarified and decided for decades.
A church that renews itself in Christ will regain the strength to reshape social and political life in the spirit of Christ, and this would also be in the interest of a humane society. A church, on the other hand,
which uncritically adapts itself to the so-called "reality of life", submits itself to this very "reality of life" as a norm, instead of examining it and bringing it salvation and healing in Christ; it thus gives itself up and makes itself superfluous. For what is the so-called "reality of life" but the often misguided spirit of the times? Through Anpang, the church would heed the apostle's admonition: "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed and renewed in your minds, so that you may discern what the will of God is (Rom 12:2)

We German Catholics, together with the bishops, are looking forward to the visit of the Holy Father to our fatherland. He will strengthen us in faith and build bridges to all people of good will.

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