Diocese of fulda, however, still needs time

Diocese of fulda, however, still needs time

Public religious services are prohibited in Hesse from 1. May in principle again possible. According to the diocese of Fulda, however, it still needs time and considers an implementation before the 4. May not considered feasible.

The state government's updated regulations on the Corona crisis said that as of Friday, faith communities would be allowed to gather again in Hesse.

Minister President Volker Bouffier (CDU) said in Wiesbaden: "We are glad that we have found a workable consensus with the representatives of the faith communities and that the faithful can come together again. Especially in this time a strong faith can give support".

Diocese of Fulda needs time

The Catholic bishop of the diocese of Fulda, Michael Gerber, welcomed the prospect of easing the restrictions. Now, he said, a protection concept had to be developed that could be adapted to the respective situation on the ground. "In view of the short time also because of the May Day and the elaborate preparation is an implementation before Monday, 4. May, not feasible," explained Gerber. Tasked a working group to develop "precise regulations for opening parish services".

It is not just about practical arrangements, the bishop said. What is essential, he said, is "how can we celebrate services in an attitude of solidarity between those who are now coming back to the churches and those who can't?" This would have to be well prepared.

Streaming service continues

Streaming of Sunday Mass would continue for the time being, it said. Specifications would be promulgated "in due course" regarding outdoor religious services and processions. However, it had to be amed that processions "in the usual form" could not take place for the time being.

The president of the Hesse-Nassau church, Volker Jung, had recently advised Protestant congregations not to celebrate the. May resume public worship services.

Church services and religious gatherings are prohibited, according to the state government, from 1. May possible if a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people is maintained. Items such as the collection basket would not be allowed to be passed on. Disinfection dispensers would have to be placed.

In addition, the faith communities would have to post notices about the required distance and hygiene measures at the place of assembly in a clearly visible manner. While this is not "the usual setting," it will allow people to "live their faith together and come together for Eucharist and communion".

Meetings at funerals possible

The state cabinet also decided that gatherings at funeral services and burials would also be possible – in line with regulations for religious services. Visits by close relatives to old people's homes and nursing homes would be allowed under certain conditions from 4 May. May allowed again.

The churches and religious communities had previously developed their own concepts for observing distance rules, hygiene and controlling access and coordinated them together with the states and the Robert Koch Institute.

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