Palm sunday as a reminder

Palm sunday as a reminder

Wars, climate change, natural disasters and famine: the world seems full of crosses, says Bamberg Archbishop Ludwig Schick. But behind every cross there is resurrection life, he stressed, and called on Christians to be courageous.

Archbishop Ludwig Schick of Bamberg has called on the United Nations to force the warring parties in Syria to the table. The war in Syria is a cross for humanity, Schick said at Palm Sunday service in Bamberg Cathedral, according to the manuscript. The UN must unite to outlaw war. He criticized that so far all corresponding attempts had failed because of the disunity of the great powers.

The Archbishop of Bamberg is also chairman of the Commission for the Universal Church of the German Bishops' Conference.

Do not look away

Schick also recalled the natural disasters in South America caused by climate change and the famine in Africa. The impression can arise that there are only crosses left to bear in the world. Christians, however, see resurrection, redemption and life behind the crosses.

"Looking the other way, cheating our way around it, that's not what Jesus did, and that's not what we must do," said the archbishop. Palm Sunday exhorts us to boldly take up the crosses and transform them into resurrection. Jesus accepted the crosses of all people and showed with his resurrection that for all crosses of this world resurrection and life are possible.

On Palm Sunday, the church commemorates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. It begins Holy or Passion Week, which commemorates the suffering and death of Jesus before celebrating the resurrection at Easter.

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