Keeping an eye on needy states

Keeping an eye on needy states

The aid agency Misereor criticizes Minister Gerd Muller's plans to reform development cooperation. In the new list of countries with which Germany wants to cooperate, the share of least developed countries has shrunk.

This was explained by Managing Director Martin Brockelmann-Simon on Wednesday in Aachen. Misereor is committed above all to the principle of fighting poverty. The new list raises fears that the very target groups left behind are those who already have the least chance of lifting themselves out of poverty and marginalization on their own

"The list of countries also focuses strongly on Africa and thus does not do justice to the fact that in Asia and Latin America, too, especially in some growth states, an enormous number of people still live below the poverty line and remain cut off from the growing prosperity of the middle classes," added Brockelmann-Simon. Especially the problem states with breaking statehood would have to stay on the agenda, not only the reform champions.

Importance of state cooperation

According to the managing director, the concentration in government cooperation also has a significant impact on the work of non-governmental organizations. In countries that drop out of German development aid, there will be no more development officers at the embassies. This means that there are no contact persons there; at the same time, there is no protection for partner organizations, which often work under dangerous conditions in their countries.

"In the future concentration on fewer partner countries, especially those states and regions that need specific support in the areas of peacebuilding, civil conflict transformation, democratization and the protection of human rights must not be left out of the center of attention," said Brockelmann-Simon.

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