“Humanitarian disaster”

Four weeks after the start of the Pakistani army offensive in the Swat Valley, the situation for refugees continues to worsen. The number of displaced people has now risen to 3.4 million. And there is a lack of professional help and supplies – while the organizations are giving their all.

Care press officer Thomas Schwarz has just returned from the region. He speaks of a "humanitarian disaster". The situation, he said, is "as if the whole of Berlin were without water, electricity and sanitation and had to be supplied with everything". Four weeks after the Pakistani army offensive began in the Swat Valley, many of the displaced had received "neither a single mat nor any hygiene aid," the spokesman reported. There was a lack of professional help and supplies, while the organizations were giving their all. "Aid organizations, the UN, the government, and also the military: they are all working up to their limits."Care appealed to the international community to prove itself as a "humanitarian community and not to overlook, in addition to all the financial and economic crises, three million people who, through no fault of their own, are in a completely unacceptable situation."

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