“Certainly my last work number”

Gerhard Richter is one of the most important contemporary artists. Therefore, the unveiling of his new church windows in the monastery Tholey is eagerly awaited. But a little is already known.

They are great windows by a great name: The three new church windows by artist Gerhard Richter will be unveiled on Thursday (10.00 a.m.) unveiled at the Benedictine monastery in Tholey, Saarland.

They are reminiscent of a kaleidoscope full of plays of colors and shapes: And they will be in the freshly renovated abbey church then from the inside as well as from the outside to see, communicated the abbey Tholey. "Something magnificent has been created," Frater Wendelinus Naumann had said when the first window was installed in early August.

Windows were made in Munich

Richter (88) told the monks in the Benedictine Abbey of St. Francis. He gave his art to St. Mauritius: he developed the patterns on the choir windows, each measuring 1.95 by 9.30 meters, on the basis of an abstract image by repeatedly dividing and mirroring them.

The motifs are from his artist's book "Patterns" – sometimes red and blue dominate, sometimes yellow. "They look like oriental patterns," Richter had said about the designs about a year ago. They were "half abstract, half narrative". The Richter windows were made in Munich in the glass workshops of Gustav van Treeck.

Probably Richter's last great work

For Richter, the three large new church windows are likely to be his last major work. "This is certainly my last work number," Richter told the German Press Agency in Cologne. He has an inventory for all his works. "This starts with "table" as number one. And the windows have number 957. Yes. From."

He does not believe that later he will still make great paintings. "Can not imagine. A miracle would have to happen." If he still does something now: "Then I only draw and make designs for exhibitions. Smaller things."

At the unveiling, the artist himself is not present

He was "very satisfied" with the realization of his art on the new choir windows for the abbey church in Tholey. "I am astonished. I would not have dreamed that this would go so well," Richter said. For the unveiling of the three large church windows on Thursday he will not be on site. However, he had seen photos of the installation of the choir windows.

"I'm very pleased with the way they've done it, the workshop," he said. If it worked out healthwise, he would look at the windows in the freshly reorganized abbey church also one day. "I'm already planning to do that, who knows when that will be."

Richter has also designed a window for Cologne Cathedral

"The announcement that Gerhard Richter, the world's most important living artist, is donating the windows has sparked international interest," said the executive director of the St. Mauritius Tholey GmbH, Thorsten Klein. The abbey church had been closed for two years for renovation: Its reopening will be celebrated with a week of festivities from this Saturday (19. September) an celebrated.

With its first documented mention in 634, Tholey is considered Germany's oldest monastery. Today, twelve monks from five nations live in the abbey, which is the only one in Saarland. Richter, who was born in Dresden, had previously designed a window for Cologne Cathedral, which was inaugurated in 2007.

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