Between the masses is disinfected

Between the masses is disinfected

A church in the Iraqi capital Baghdad in 2014 © rasoulali (shutterstock)

The Chaldean Church, united with Rome, wants to gradually return to a life of worship in Baghdad churches, beginning Sunday. Priests will be allowed to celebrate up to three Masses, the Patriarchate announced Friday.

The maximum number of participants should not exceed 50 to 100 people, depending on the size of the church. Elderly worshippers urged to refrain from joining celebrations in church halls.

Desifection between the celebrations

Churches to be disinfected between Mass celebrations. Protective measures such as wearing masks and keeping minimum distances also apply. In case of Covid 19 infections, the Patriarchate must be informed immediately. According to the statement, the instructions also apply to other activities in the parishes.

Iraq has recorded some 367 infections since the start of the pandemic, according to figures from the U.S. Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Center.500 infections. 9.231 people died. The mortality rate was thus 240 deaths per million inhabitants.

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