All's well that ends well?

The Vatican has called on traditionalist bishop Richard Williamson to publicly recant his Holocaust denials. Without an "absolutely unequivocal and public" distancing, Williamson will not be allowed to perform episcopal duties in the church, the Secretariat of State announced. The chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Dr. Robert Zollitsch, shows himself pleased. Central Council of Jews considers reaction insufficient.

Vatican statement said the Priestly Fraternity of Pius X. The Pius-Brotherhood has been asked to fully recognize the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and the teachings of all subsequent popes if it wants to have a chance of legitimization by the Vatican. The Holy See wants to discuss the open questions with those concerned until a "full and satisfactory solution" is reached, the statement continues. The Central Council of Jews in Germany spoke of a first good signal. However, it is not only about Williamson, but about the entire Pius Brotherhood and the future course of the Catholic Church. Williamson had denied in a TV interview the murder of six million Jews by the Nazis; he denied the existence of gas chambers. Pope Benedict XVI. had not known about these statements of the Lefebvre supporter at the moment of the withdrawal of the excommunication, the central administrative office of the Vatican explained in this regard. Williamson's theses on the extermination of Jews were "absolutely unacceptable" and would be firmly rejected by the Pope. Vatican note speaks of the Shoah as a "terrible genocide". She further emphasizes the "undoubted solidarity" of the Church with the Jews, with whom God made his first covenant. Secretariat of State stressed that despite the withdrawal of excommunication, the four bishops would not be allowed to perform any duties in the Catholic Church. Nor has there been any change in the canonical status of the Pius Fraternity. She was still not ecclesiastically recognized. The lifting of the bending penalty, which the bishops automatically incurred with their consecration by the schismatic Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (1905-1991), should only open a "door to dialogue". One expects now a corresponding concession from the traditionalists.

Zollitsch: "I am glad" In a statement, the president of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Dr. Robert Zollitsch, the Vatican statement. He said the declaration provides clarity and shows "that there is no place in the Catholic Church for deniers of the Holocaust.". Vatican had made it unmistakably clear that it condemns every form of anti-Semitism. Zollitsch emphasizes that the Pius-Brotherhood does not enjoy any legal recognition in the Catholic Church. Also, its four bishops would continue to have no function in the church, nor do they legitimately exercise any office in it. The archbishop said he was "glad that Cardinal Bertone leaves no doubt about this". Now a clear retraction of the unacceptable theses is necessary. However, this would have to be supplemented by additional clarifications.

Central Council: Revocation would be unbelievable The secretary general of the Central Council of Jews, Stephan J. Kramer, told the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Bonn that the Vatican's step toward Williamson was not enough. The entire Pius Brotherhood stands for hostility to Jews and the rejection of ecumenism, religious freedom and human dignity. Kramer appealed to the pope to reintegrate the traditionalists into the church only if they commit themselves clearly and without compromise to the decisions of the Second Vatican Council. At the same time, he made it clear that it would be difficult for him to imagine such a departure from the traditional line of the Society of St. Pius X: "It is a question of how credible such a turnaround would be."The vice president of the Central Council, Dieter Graumann, also expressed doubts that it made sense to force Williamson to retract his claims. He told SWR on Wednesday that the British traditionalist bishop has represented his beliefs for many years. It would be untrustworthy if he were to deviate from this now. More important, Graumann said, would be for the Catholic Church to set priorities. It said it must clarify what is more important to it: dialogue and further reconciliation with Jews, or the reinstatement of the "arch-conservative, anti-Semitic Pius Fraternity". The Central Council also feels supported by German bishops, politicians and lay organizations that criticize Pope Benedict XVI's decision. had practiced.

World Congress: Vatican appeal is decisive sign The World Jewish Congress (WJC) has welcomed the Vatican's recent appeal to traditionalist bishop and Holocaust denier Richard Williamson. "This was the sign the Jewish world has been waiting for," said the organization's president, Ronald S. Lauder, in New York on Wednesday. The Vatican had previously called on Williamson to recant his statements "unequivocally and publicly". Otherwise, he will not be entrusted with episcopal duties. The British cleric had repeatedly denied the extent of Nazi mass murder of Jews. The World Jewish Congress represents the Jewish communities of 80 countries. For a long time he has maintained close relations with the Catholic Church.

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