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Guido Westerwelle won't rest: "Shoveling snow" instead of "late Roman decadence" is the latest image of the FDP secretary general in the social debate. "So the discussion is idiotic," finds Ludwig Schick. The Archbishop of Bamberg advises Westerwelle to keep quiet – but that is not in sight, the FDP announces a "cornerstone paper".

Schick stressed on Monday: "Shoveling snow will not get anyone out of unemployment."In addition, education vouchers for children and young people "can only be described as a belated carnival scalawag". The archbishop added: "Those who do not want to seriously discuss the ie of unemployment and poverty should rather remain silent!"Westerwelle had described over the weekend assignments to shovel snow as reasonable work for "Hartz IV" recipients. In the planned expansion of aid for children, he suggested education vouchers instead of cash.Schick criticized, without explicitly naming Westerwelle: "The 'Hartz IV' discussion is idiotic."The debate must be "characterized by respect and encouragement". In addition the policy must create "better basic conditions" for more jobs in structurally weak areas and strengthen for this the middle class.

"Debate without people in mind" The debate around Hartz IV is led at present without having the humans concerned in the view. This is about the future of society, about integration and participation. Of course, Hartz IV recipients must get out of welfare and unemployment benefits as quickly as possible, the archbishop stressed. But they should be given work from which they could live independently. Hartz IV makes dependent and dependent, unemployment increasingly passive and depressive. The archbishop demanded that more and simple jobs be created close to where people live. In the countryside, agriculture would have to be strengthened and landscape conservation promoted; jobs could also be created in the social and care sectors.

FDP announces key ies paper Meanwhile, the FDP has announced proposals to "further develop" the German social system. His party will "very promptly" present a key points paper with concrete demands, said Secretary General Christian Lindner after a presidium meeting on Monday in Berlin. This would then be discussed at a public symposium with experts and social groups. The FDP politician stressed that the debate offers a "great opportunity" to make assistance for those in need more effective and to keep the welfare state financially sustainable. As central FDP demands, Lindner named higher additional income limits for the long-term unemployed, only a gradual increase in social contributions for low-income earners, education vouchers for children, regional flat rates for housing and heating costs, improvements in job placement and better implementation of existing sanction options. The expansion of individual services is to be realized through "efficiency gains" elsewhere. A general increase of the standard rates rejects the liberals.Addressing his choice of words, which differ from party leader Guido Westerwelle, Lindner said he brings a different tone to the discussion because he is "a different guy" than Westerwelle. This is not to be understood however as dissociation. Again the secretary general brought the liberal "citizen money" into the discussion, which would summarize the fiscal social benefits. This model offers a great opportunity to overcome Hartz IV.

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