No hundred percent security

No hundred percent security

Praise of God in pews © Julia Steinbrecht (KNA)

In the discussion about the public celebration of religious services, theologian Martin Stuflesser urges restraint. "It would be good to say clearly that we can't manage one hundred percent security in church services."

He told the newspapers of the publishing group Bistumspresse in Osnabruck. Knowing that the elderly in particular could become infected in churches, the celebration of public church services carries a risk. However, he said, he is convinced that people weigh and decide wisely. "They won't break into our churches," says Stuflesser.

If church services are celebrated, it does not have to be the highest form of the Eucharistic celebration right away. "We have even more forms of worship than this," the Wurzburg liturgy scholar emphasized.

20-minute celebration of the word?

For hygienic reasons, he could also imagine a 20-minute celebration of the word instead of a mass. "They could also be offered at a higher frequency."When the weather is nice, they can meet outside, where the risk of infection is lower.

Theologically, the current distress could be interpreted as a "long-lasting Good Friday," the expert explained. Many suffered from not being able to go to church and missed the community.

But: 'Maybe it should stay like this for a while longer'. Solidarity and acts of love – that is our service," said Stuflesser.

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