Better to tackle than to complain

Better to tackle than to complain

Michael Wolf, chairman of the diocesan council in Wurzburg, sees communication as one of the main problems of the Catholic Church. For in the process, the "monarchical church structure meets the self-understanding of the non-consecrated of today".

Wolf said this at the weekend at the spring plenary meeting of the lay body, which was held digitally. In the church, the legislative, executive and judicial powers would be in one hand – that of the responsible bishop. Separation of powers and sufficient supervision are thus not possible, he said.

Wolf pointed out that church law could certainly be changed. The New Testament already describes various congregational undertakings with a more or less democratic structure. The chairman appealed to the delegates: "Let us not only complain, let us work together to give the church, to give us a future."

Young can understand the anger

In his "report on the situation" Wolf also addressed the already decided abandonment of several church educational houses in the diocese, which had met with great criticism. Without prior communication, he said, it was understandable that decisions about the future of the houses had led to emotional reactions. These generally express a sense of powerlessness and frustration.

Bishop Franz Jung admitted that the communication around the decision to give up the sponsorship of some conference houses had "not been good". He could understand the anger.

Corona as accelerator, not cause

However, the tax estimate last fall showed that, not least due to Corona, a decline in revenue of 20 million euros was imminent. Therefore a strategic decision had to be made at short notice.

"But we all know: Corona was not the cause here, but only an accelerator," Jung said. There had been "no clean planning" in earlier years. The resulting situation, he said, must now be dealt with. The decision was not taken lightly, he said, "but if we don't hand over the meeting houses, savings will have to be made elsewhere".

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